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High Impact Services, Inc. personnel all have backgrounds in Software Development. Mr. Sean Beatty has been developing software professionally since 1986. His most valuable experience is in the Embedded Systems area, developing software (sometimes referred to as “firmware”) for stand-alone computing devices. He has led numerous teams in safety- and mission-critical software development for automotive, medical and consumer products.

Because Mr. Beatty has consulted and developed software for many Fortune 500 companies, he has followed the processes and procedures mandated by these organizations. These processes generally follow the guidelines of IEEE 12207, or specific requirements for their industry. For Example, Medical Devices follow the FDA’s “General Principles of Software Validation  …”, among other standards. Mr. Beatty has worked in all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle, including:

  • Requirements capture, analysis, and partitioning
  • High Level Design and Detailed Design using SA/SD, Universal Modeling Language UML, etc.
  • Code Implementation in many development languages
  • Code Inspection – (Mr. Beatty also developed training for a Fortune 500 client to help them implement a thorough Code Inspection program)
  • Code Analysis – particularly important for real-time, multi-tasking systems
  • Functional, Static, and Unit Testing
  • Verification and Validation

Mr. Darren Watkins is a Junior Programmer. He has done significant programming in pursuit of his Masters in Computer Science. He has also performed critical Software Analysis in his Safety work for the TLDHS project.

Ms. Janet Beatty, with a BS in Computer Science, has a strong software background. She has taught many hundreds of students how to develop programs for Microsoft Windows in C and Visual Basic. She has also tested operating systems. Although her strengths lie predominantly in Training, she brings a strong software background to all her tasks, and can flex to support many areas of the Software Development Lifecycle as needed.