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Test Coverage
That you test your software is not the issue …

  • What you test
  • Why you test it
  • When you test it
  • and How you test it

…makes all the difference between an expensive, marginally-effective process and an efficient, reliable way to find critical software defects.

“We want to eliminate the human and financial resources wasted on inefficient, antiquated, and ill-suited software defect identification strategies. By recognizing the capabilities and limitations of every method, tool and technique we employ we’re able to find critical defects in the most timely and inexpensive manner possible.”

    Here are some ways we can help you reduce the liability of a critical software defect jeopardizing your future:

    • Optimize your Testing costs with Efficient and Effective Test Plans and Methodologies
    • Review and Develop complete, clear, accurate, and Repeatable Test Procedures
    • Uncover the most expensive and pernicious bugs
    • Find defects in your software which traditional testing methods cannot detect
    • Automate aspects of your testing process to reduce cost and test time
    • Train your people to more effectively identify software errors – faster / cheaper / successfully!

    • Test Plans and Procedures
    • Real-Time Software Analysis
    • Structured (White Box) Testing
    • Functional (Black Box) Testing
    • Custom Test Scripts