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NSWC Crane needed a Software Safety Analysis on a detonation device and a subsequent presentation to both the Navy’s System Software Safety Technical Review Panel (SSSTRP) and the equivalent Army Safety board.

They hired a vendor to do the analysis and presentation to the Army board, and were sent back to complete more Safety work and present again before they could field the device to Army personnel.

They hired us to perform the Navy work. We carefully analyzed and then presented the potential software-related hazards and the safety devices that were in place to mitigate them. We were able to conclusively prove the inherent safety of the system and the SSSTRP issued an immediate approval to proceed.

Our client remarked that if they had hired us to perform the Army work,  they probably would have received an approval right away also. We saved our client considerable time and expense by scoping the job correctly and doing it right the first time.

The client received the following from the Safety Review Board regarding our work on a similar project as well:

PS  I told T. on the phone, but the new software reviewer, D., was very impressed with the software analysis provided.  Said it was one of the best he’s seen, even when compared to some of the major weapons systems that come through the WSESRB.