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High Impact Services, Inc. personnel have broad experience in developing and delivering technical training and professional development programs, as well as training trainers in both content and delivery. We believe learning occurs when the learner is ready. To that end, we work to find the “What’s In It For Me” message to help learners want to engage. We identify the training exercise or activity first, whether we are training a skill, a concept or an attitude and have a variety of techniques to ensure engagement regardless of training format.

Our instructional design experience and expertise equip us to address virtually any training or communication need:

  • Solution Design. We have over 20 years of experience designing courses and curricula as well as dreaming up unique solutions to meet client needs with respect to audience, geographies, training objectives, budget, and schedule.
  • Content. Training topics have included Systems Safety, operating systems, server software, and programming as well as organizational development needs such as new hire orientation, performance management, working on teams, and development methodologies.
  • Formats. Include instructor-led courses, online training, interactive self-paced demos, self-paced learning guides, video courses, and soft-skills exercises as well as blending these formats where appropriate.
  • Audiences. Our target audiences have included DoD engineers, IT professionals, developers, technical trainers, new-to-computer users, and college students. We believe our experience with corporate sales and marketing audiences also has applicability to supporting government programs.
  • Interviewing. Our DoD and industry experience, technical backgrounds, and years of working with a global audience allow us to converse with almost anyone. We connect easily with people of all backgrounds, love helping people tell their story and are able to get to the “nut” quickly.
  • Project Management. Experience managing instructional projects and teams from Vision/Scope phase through publication, training the trainers, and maintenance.

Training Experience