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High Impact Services, Inc. has provided System Safety Support to the Navy since 2002. Systems as small as detonation timers for hand-placed ordnance to large, multi-million-dollar sensor systems have been placed under our responsibility. We’ve insured the products released are dangerous to our enemies, but safe to our warfighters.

Our strong background in Software Development, Analysis, and Testing has been critical to performing Safety Analysis on the modern software-intensive weapons systems which are increasingly prevalent in today’s Navy. Safety Engineers able to understand and analyze complex safety-critical software are still rare today. High Impact Services is pleased to be a pace-setter in this area.

Consider the following examples of our leadership in these critical areas of Safety Engineering. Mr. Beatty has presented at the annual International Systems Safety Conference and is on the agenda again this year. Mr. Beatty has met the requirements in NAVSEAINST 5100.12, completed a course of study, and demonstrated enough significant experience that he has been recognized as a Principle for Safety for US Navy weapon systems, by the Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity.

Mr. Watkins was a major contributor to the Target Location, Designation, and Hand-off System (TLDHS). He analyzed the impact of Commercial Off-The-Shelf  (COTS) software on the system, found safety hazards while conducting detailed software design reviews, and prepared detailed Safety Tests.

High Impact Services, Inc. was instrumental in getting the TLDHS system its initial approval for production and fielding to the USMC. We were a continual presence on the Safety team from 2004 and into 2012, leading the team from 2005 forward. Our contributions included:

  • Analyzing Requirements for Safety Impact
  • Developing Safety Processes
  • Reviewing all Designs for Safety Impact
  • Performing all Safety/Hazard Analysis
  • Developing and maintaining a detailed Hazard Tracking Database
  • Developing all Safety Documentation
  • Auditing the Software Development Process to insure Quality procedures are followed
  • Developing and executing all Safety Tests
  • Reviewing every proposed change to the software for Safety Impact

System Safety Guidelines and Standards